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Capiz, Philippines, Asia Cut Foliages and Cut Flowers


After the collapse of the shrimp industry in the mid-80s, an interesting industry slowly emerged in the early 90s, when dynamic and aggressive businesswomen turned their expensive hobby into a multi-million dollar profitable and enjoyable “sunshine” industry. This paved the way for the birth of the flower industry in the province of Capiz. It has grown from an obscure industry to one of the fastest growing sectors of agribusiness in the province, which today includes more than 5,000 stakeholders, florists, landscape artists, contractors, technologists, input providers, agricultural technicians and horticulturists.

Capiz is a major producer of potted orchids and orchid flowers, landscaping materials, fresh foliage and potted ornamentals in the entire Visayas. It is also recognized as one of the sources of the finest and rarest ferns in the country today. It is currently slowly making a name for itself as the main source of export cut foliage in the country.

Roxas City leads the number of producers in the province with ten (10) commercial farms located here. It is also considered a shopping center with the presence of 4 shopping centers such as Paseo de Catedral, Balay Kapisnon, Teodoro Arcenas Trade Center and Talon Garden Center. It is followed by the municipalities of Sigma, Dao, Panay and Ivisan. As of December 2005, the total area devoted to floriculture is estimated at more than one hundred hectares.

A core strength of the industry is the Capiz Multipurpose Cooperative (CMPC), which serves as the primary coordinating body for cruciferous and ornamental growers throughout the province. It works closely with relevant National Government Agencies (NGAs), Local Government Units (LGUs) and industry associations to ensure a favorable business climate for industry development and growth. All major producers in the province are members of the Capiz MPC. It is a duly registered organization with the Administration for the Development of Cooperatives and the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

The local decoration industry cluster consists of key industries, supplier industries, and other industries that provide related and other services. The cluster consists of interconnected and interdependent key and supporting industries and institutions.

A vision

A unified, independent, environmentally friendly and globally competitive floriculture industry to improve the quality of life of its members and communities and known as the “Cut Foliage Capital of the Philippines”

Service and Input Providers – This category includes the following:

Landscape artists – those who provide landscaping services for households, public and commercial buildings, subdivisions, memorial parks, others. Currently, there are about 9 well-known professional landscape artists in the province.

Floral Artists – Those who provide floral arrangement services for such occasions as weddings, funerals, debutantes, graduations, product launches, grand openings, etc. Most flower artists are concentrated in Paseo de Catedral, located near the Metropolitan Cathedral in Roxas City, as they are also cut flower dealers.

Dealers in cuttings/ornamental plants – are those who deal exclusively with the sale of cuttings and ornamental plants. They sell from a permanent stand/place (like Balay Kapisnon, Paseo de Catedral) or they are ambulatory (like most vendors during the municipal/city market days).

Raw Materials Vendors – includes those selling garden raw materials and accessories such as organic fertilizers (Hacienda Olive), terracotta/plastic pots and soilless growing media.

Industry status and performance



The province produces only a few varieties of cut flowers on a commercial scale. These are orchids (white dendrobiums), roses and asters (white and lilac). Other low-quality varieties produced in limited quantities include dahlias, azucenes, African daisies, selected heliconias and gladioli (oranges). Orchids and Heliconias were at their peak production from 1995 to 2000 with 4 commercial farms producing a total of 1500 dozen per week. The volume of production has been slowly decreasing over the past 5 years as the local market has been flooded with more and more flowers coming from outside the province. Currently, only one farm grows orchids.

Fresh leaves and live plants

Foliage plants account for 80% of the ornamental plant industry in Capiz and have become an important source of livelihood for many families. Most of the leafy plants are grown in commercial farms and backyard gardens in Sigma, Dao, Panay, Ivisan and Roxas City.

Foliage plants are sold as cut, potted or live plants. Potted plants serve as indoor and landscape plants, while cut foliage is used for flower arrangements.

Demand for leafy plants is increasing. For the last 10 years, cut or live leafy plants have had the largest share in the export market. Currently, Capiz is the only province that exports cut foliage to Japan in the entire Luzon and Visayas.

Main products sold

Industry products and services include flowers, potted flowering plants and greens, cuttings, cut foliage, landscaping materials, non-soil rooting agents, floral arrangement services, landscaping services.

A. Cut flowers – so called because they are separated from the parent plants and formed into bouquets, leis, arrangements, centerpieces and the like. They are cultivated and traded for their aesthetic value. They are given as a sign of gratitude and as an expression of love, joy and encouragement on occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and special events such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and All Saints/All Saints’ Day. The main cuttings grown in the province are orchids such as dendrobium and vanda terrete; roses, puto-puto, heliconias and gladioli.

B. Filler Flowers – includes white and lilac asters and baby’s breath.

C. Cut and container-grown foliage plants – refers to fresh leaves, twigs and branches, freshly cut and used in floral arrangements, evergreens and foliage plants grown in containers for indoor and outdoor decoration. The major cut foliage produced by the province are dracaena, police, palmeras, song of India, song of Korea, kamuning, cordylines, brushes, rapis and ferns.

D. Pot plants – flowering annuals, shrubs, herbaceous perennials grown in containers used for exterior and interior decoration. The most popular flowering potted plants grown here are orchids, euphorbias, hibiscus and bromeliads.

Landscaping Materials – Plants consisting of evergreen and flowering trees, shrubs, herbaceous perennials, turf, and furglass used for landscaping purposes. The following are some of the high-value palms grown in the province: Champagne, Bismarck, Hawaiian Foxtail, Red and Blue Palm, and Sugar Palm. Meanwhile, some widespread ground covers include mundo grass, golden peanut, carabao grass, Bermuda grass, and chichi rica.

Soilless rooting media – coir/dust, organic fertilizer, driftwood, fern wood and wood chips.

Organic fertilizer – locally produced and produced soil enhancers. One of the frequently used brands is RANCAP, produced by Hacienda Olive in Pontevedra.

Services – landscaping, flower arranging, plant clinic/consulting

Existing trading houses

1. Paseo de Catedral

Arsobizpo St., Roxas City

2. Balay Kapisnon

McKinley St., Roxas City

Tel. No. (036) 621-3445

3. Talon Garden Center

Primer de Mayo Street, Roxas City

VII. Industry potentials

The industry has great potential for development due to the following factors:

Available technology and support

§ Availability of suitable production technologies from external sources.

§ Government and research institutions like DTI, DA/BPI, DOST, PCARRD could very well provide the necessary technical and logistical support for the development of the industry.

§ Production technologies are available for extracting essential oil, which is in high demand in the domestic and export markets.

Strong workforce and grower association

§ Involvement in industry associations at the national level

§ Existence of the Multipurpose Cooperative of Capiz, which is the umbrella organization of all growers of cuttings and ornamental plants in the province.

§ The province has at its disposal a workforce suitable for training.

Favorable environment

The landscape does not have a distinct dry or wet period, which is suitable for growing ornamental plants. The region is also rarely visited by strong typhoons.

Vast tracts of land are still available for development.

Growing demand

Growing international and domestic demand due to the growing appreciation of the aesthetic value and environmental importance of ornamental plants.

Proximity to other Asian markets puts Capiz in a good position to serve emerging markets.

The opening of the Iloilo International Airport increases international trade capacity.

VIII. Projections

Imports (domestic and international)

When importing ornamental plant products into the landscape, fresh cuttings will dominate. These imported flowers are those that are not locally grown due to climatic conditions, such as chrysanthemums, lilies, roses, anthuriums, statices, gerberas, carnations and some varieties of gladioli. Nearby will be other live plants, cuttings and cuttings that will also be used as planting material or mother plants. In a distant third place are orchid seedlings. Flowers have seasonal requirements

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