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Self-Help For Fighting Or Preventing Cancer

Are you worried about cancer?

If you have cancer or would like to take steps to prevent it in the future, there are several things you can do to help your body.

1. Be aware of the conditions that promote the development and growth of cancer cells:-

(a) Cancer cells thrive on SUGAR – so eat as little as possible – watch out for ‘hidden sugar’ in tinned beans, soups, cereals etc. (Many soft drinks are full of it!)

(b) Cancer cells thrive in acidic conditions in the body – so make it as alkaline as possible by reducing animal protein – especially red meat (which makes it acidic) and by eating lots of fresh (if possible organic) vegetables – which make it alkaline.

Superfoods for fighting cancer are:

Broccoli, sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, watercress, garlic apples, apricots, cranberries, blackberries, melon. Almonds, walnuts, beans, lentils, most herbs, olive oil

Be very careful and avoid moldy or rancid foods – especially nuts, fats and cheese.

Also avoid smoked, grilled and salt-cured foods and processed meats, food additives, artificial sweeteners (especially aspartame) and overheated oil.

(c) Cancer cells thrive in low oxygen conditions, so make sure you get plenty of oxygen in your blood through deep breathing exercises and regular aerobic exercise. Make sure you are not anemic and take flaxseed oil regularly to help the blood carry more oxygen.

Reducing dairy products – milk, cream, butter and cheese CAN help prevent/fight cancer.

In China, people have an extremely low incidence of cancer – especially breast cancer, but if they move to the West or change to a Western diet – their incidence of cancer has been shown to increase compared to Westerners. The Chinese consume very little milk and rarely give their babies cow’s milk – if they can’t breastfeed, they find someone who can breastfeed their baby. Breastfeeding is also said to protect mothers from developing breast cancer.

Various studies have also concluded that the following are also beneficial in preventing/fighting cancer:-

1. Stress management

Most of us will develop cancer cells in our bodies several times in our lives, but if we are healthy, our immune system destroys them quickly and easily.

However, constant, long-term (negative) stress has been shown to damage our immune system – so anything that helps reduce this stress will be beneficial.

Hypnotherapy cannot claim to cure cancer, but it can help in a number of ways:

a. It reduces stress

It provides relaxation on a very deep level for body and mind.

This helps you manage stress more easily and thus strengthens your immune system.

b. Can help develop a more positive attitude (which can make a big difference in recovery)

c. Hypnosis treatment (see end for details) can encourage the subconscious to assist much more decisively in the self-healing process –

Ultimately –

Every treatment is really self-healing! (The body is capable of producing its own ‘drugs’!)

Visualization and guided imagery can be used much more effectively under hypnosis.

Meditation is also very useful for managing stress, but many people find this difficult – an easier way is to learn self-hypnosis from your hypnotherapist.

2. Avoid pollutants and pollutants

Any pollutants (unwanted chemical substances) that get into or into our bodies can disrupt our body chemistry and promote/cause cancer – so we should avoid them as much as possible.

Organic food, fruits and vegetables. they may not taste any different to us (animals like rabbits can tell the difference!), but they are not soaked in chemical fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides (which can gradually accumulate in our bodies) like our mass-produced “perfect looking” products “. .

Potatoes are generally very polluted – buying organic means you can safely eat the skin (which contains all the vitamins) and there is less waste.

If you can’t afford organic exfoliation and a very good wash – the more perfect – the more washes it needs. Note: Adding a little white vinegar to the water will help remove contaminants.

The hope is that organically raised, free-range animals will have happier, less stressful lives and won’t be injected with antibiotics or growth hormones or covered in organophosphates to prevent skin diseases and parasitic worms.

If we eat “factory farmed animals” (including “farmed” fish), we are not only consuming the artificial drugs with which it was treated, but also the stress hormones produced by the animal itself – because it was raised and slaughtered under very stressful conditions. They are often fed cheap, low-quality processed foods that are part of the meat.

It is much better to eat small amounts of more expensive, quality, organic meat, eggs and milk than large amounts of cheap junk. If you put ‘junk’, contaminated fuel in your car, it would soon start to go wrong!

Processed food, prepared meals, etc. they usually lack natural vitamins (which are destroyed during the process) and have many artificial additives –

simple, fresh food has much more goodness.

I personally believe that most of us don’t eat a well-balanced diet partly because of the way our food is grown and also because of the way we cook it, so I think a “good” multivitamin and mineral supplement can only be good for most people (check with your doctor).

Studies have shown that high-potency vitamin C and D3 pills clearly help cancer patients, and vitamin B complex helps people with stress.

(Warning: lack of sun caused D3 deficiency)

If possible, chlorinated water should be avoided by using a filter,

drink bottled water, boil it or let it sit to release chlorine.

Staying in a hot shower for a long time can cause chlorine gas to be inhaled into the lungs – something that should be avoided.

Plastic bottled drinking water must be stored carefully, as it can vaporize substances with a strong smell, e.g. cleaning liquids, lighters, etc., pass through the plastic and contaminate the water.

Never leave plastic water bottles in the sun for long periods of time (especially in your car), as the water can absorb chemicals from the plastic.

Avoid microwaving food in plastic containers or cling film to prevent chemicals from the plastic from transferring to the food.

Glass is the safest option. Transfer prepared dishes to glass or ceramic containers to heat them.

Don’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t put in your mouth – it may seem waterproof, but it will absorb small amounts of your body wash, shampoo, deodorant, etc. a good and relatively safe deodorant.

Spraying deodorants allows them to enter our lungs, so it is better to apply them on a roller.

Hair dyes, especially permanent hair dyes, should be used with caution as some dyes containing paraphenylenediamine have been linked to bladder cancer.

In the modern home, we are surrounded by cocktails of chemicals – air fresheners (pot-pourri is better!), spray varnish, paints, etc., can be inhaled.

Cleaning fluids, flea powders and collars, weed killers, etc. should be used sparingly and with extreme caution.

New synthetic furniture, carpets, mattresses, etc. they often emit chemical fumes that we inhale.

To make our homes “safer”, we should regularly open the windows (get a draft), unpack new items and let them air out in an open, well-ventilated area for a few days before use (if possible).

Have houseplants around your home such as “spider plants” and “peace lilies” as they filter the air.

Avoid excessive contact with electrical appliances and keep watches, mobile phones, radios, etc. far enough away from our heads when we are in bed. I don’t think it’s good to have a cell phone with you all day – we still don’t know much about the long-term effects.

Some studies have shown that sleeping in complete darkness is beneficial for the immune system – so get blackout blinds!

The best general advice is – “Everything in moderation”

for what may be the newest health product today, it may turn out to be

banned a year later.

Many people DO get cured of cancer, but this is often not recorded anywhere. We can reduce the chances of getting it if we take good care of our body. Prevention is always better than cure!

If you get cancer. Never give up hope and don’t let the medical profession second guess you by telling you how long you have – they are often wrong and you should stop playing God!

Prayer is probably the best self-help there is!

Books I found helpful on cancer recovery:-

Getting Well Again by Stephanie Matthews-Simonton and James L. Creighton

Andrew Weil, Ph.D. Med. (All his books are great!) Spontaneous Healing

Love, Medicine and Miracles and Peace, Love and Healing both by dr. Bernie Seigel – also recorded the ‘Healing’ CDs

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