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Quanta, My Magical Autistic Soul Friend

“According to Celtic spiritual tradition, the soul shines all around the body like a cloud of light. When you are very open – appreciative and trusting – to another person, your souls merge together. This deeply felt bond with another person means you have found your anam cara or ‘soulmate’. Your anam cara always sees your light and beauty and accepts you as you are. In the Celtic spirituality of anam cara, friendship awakens the fullness and mystery of your life. You are united in an ancient and eternal bond with humanity that permeates all barriers of time, convention, philosophy and definition. When you are blessed with anam cara, the Irish believe, you have arrived at that most sacred place: home.” John O’Donohue, Anam Cara: Book of Celtic Wisdom. 1998

Ethereal beauty, flexible, deeply penetrating eyes peek into my soul with every fleeting glance – slender, tiny, beautiful, childlike, but strong. Long, thick, black wavy hair falls over her slender body. I immediately feel a kinship; I feel she is my Anam Cara. He is neither the first nor the last, but the lovely, holy and eternal friend of the soul. Quanta is her name.

Uncomfortable in her body, Quanta struggles to contain her restless soul within the confines of her uncooperative body. Staying earthbound is a chore, fleetingly present, then absent again. Like a colt, carefree and impulsive, Quanta runs wild, without an understandable goal. Her wild body glides aimlessly like an untethered kite responding to the wind, without aim or direction, exhilarated by pleasure and at other times fleeing from pain. What is he thinking, is he even thinking? Who is this intangible beauty with an abundant spirit unattached to her body?

Quanta does not speak or write. At least not without an energetic friend to catalyze her. However, her eyes show an undeniable intelligence that supersedes my narrow comprehension. Her body often does not respond to obvious instructions from her brain. However, her lack of volitional maneuvers does not significantly impair automatic movements, which are fluid by comparison. Quanta walks, runs and climbs and avoids obstacles.

Quanta seems to understand me on a deep intuitive level. But the simplest directive goes unanswered. She was born silent, separated from our normal perceptual world. Is she happy? What is she thinking? Can I be as confusing to her as she is to me? Is she a typical young woman trapped in an unloved body? I guess from my limited perspective, Quanta would want to control her impulses, control her movements, learn to communicate and make decisions. Having personally prioritized freedom and independence, a life without control over intended actions or independent communication, I find it sad.

Quanta offers me a hand; the outstretched index finger beckons me into its mysterious reality. “Open your heart and join in.” The elusive nymph whispers, speechless. Who was the initiator of the idea? I wonder. Was it her or me? In those early days we often groped and danced across the chasm in the warm comfort of each other’s souls, two strangers softening our boundaries, trying to find commonality, tremblingly traveling until the magnetic power of union replaced doubt. Our souls entangled as one. In those moments of union, magic flowed.

We talk quietly and listen, writing down the melodies of simultaneous familiarity. A juicy memory of lost knowledge rising from the depths of the soul. But whose soul, I wonder? Streams of words, filled with nuances, vague and impenetrable, flow to us and through us like a gentle breeze or occasionally erupt like a volcano that pushes me to unknown sanctioned places. Charmed, I eagerly join my heart, mind, and soul with hers in a dance of endless possibilities. This silent mystical witch, dancing freely between dimensions, takes me to a garden of blooming perspectives, a beautiful oasis, easily accessible as she shows me the way.

Where and from whom do these dream messages originate? Was it her soul or mine or ours? Was it just the two of us? Or we were both pawns in an unpredictable game orchestrated by countless energy beings who craved our attention. I couldn’t make it out. Does Quanta feel as at home with me as I do with her? She often reverted to absent-minded detachment between intense mental stares, which was a challenge to read. Does Quanti even care if I’m there?

I want to understand her, the process and what she needs from me. Always curious, I begin to dig deeper. Who are you, Quanta?

As if scolding me, she snapped. “I am a ray of light mixed with the air of freedom, moving rapidly and repetitively from one interdimensional plane to another. I survey life forms everywhere.”

Amused, I wonder if I’m one of the life forms he’s analyzing. “Quanta, please explain what it’s like to leave your body?” I ask.

“When not tied to earth vibrations, my vision is a gestalt of colors and frequencies that move at lightning speed from one domain to another, perceiving multiple universes at once. My perception has structure and balance. I am an integral part of creation without ego limitation, based on in nature. I am independent and interdependent with all life forms that pulsate to the rhythm of nature. Being free from my body serves as an attractive force that separates me from ego-based entrapment. It is fun but disturbing to play, to influence and combine with angels, spirits, and other entities of similar vibrations. It is a blend of love, laughter, joy, creation, and guidance.”

I think it sounds like fun. Maybe Quanta is the one with all the freedom and joy. Maybe I shouldn’t interfere. He responds when he hears my thoughts.

“I want to experience your reality. I need your undivided attention and active listening. Please subdue your ego so we can limit reality to merge into one. Moving in tandem, we can both benefit, form bridges for each other. Your presence overwhelms me. It helps me feel connected to the earth’s vibration and allows me the freedom to experience my human body without fear, giving me a momentary shelter from the intrusion of unwanted energies. In turn, I guide you to a place of awareness, baptizing you into of wisdom. Listen with clarity as I lead you to the places of lost memory.”

You access higher thought forms by typing with me. The same access is available through direct listening. We catalyze each other, using a fluid energy exchange, in an intimate dance that moves through the veil of everyday existence to the spectrum of possibility. During active engagement, our brain waves synchronize. Whether we are near or far, the development of resonance opens up a web of awareness. When our connection occurs, the light charge strengthens our portal. Paths become stronger with use. Personal is best, but it also works non-locally.”

As I take a moment to absorb and analyze the content, I hear a quiet, impatient Quanta whispering in my left ear as she continues to type.

“Stop asking. Break through your need to understand. Just do as instructed. Reading each other’s minds is simple if each of us intends and commits to the process. Our combined communication feeds the energy circuits that increase the conduction of vibrational frequency and regulate the dream particles. v organized patterns Connect your mind and heart with mine, listen and write with me.

Many brave silent souls join you individually and collectively to form a field where energy flows connect. These mystical friends bring a loving energy more grounded to the earth. More light is the reason to appreciate our connection with soulmates who agree to selflessly serve. Love, kindness and empathy flourish through our ethereal connection.

Every soul mate is different. Magnetic catalysts listen and trust. They speak to our soul and we respond. Mutual respect is mandatory for advanced interdimensional transfers. When the ego is ready to serve the divine, power increases with each contact. The purity of unencumbered thoughts is directly related to the reliability of the message. In joining souls, the heart creates the strongest magnetic pull.”

Below is Quanta’s poetic description of our “anam cara” couple.

We are so close now. You need me and I need you. Our connection brings us home, fully aware that we have become closer than hummingbirds, singing songs to each other and joining our souls as we fly. When we reach the top, we look down. You remember where we went and you know what we found.

Even with Quanta’s mentoring, I have intermittent periods of lost faith. Inspirational messages and consciousness-expanding phenomena ignite me anew. Obstacles to my limited thinking continue to be overcome with demonstrations of atypical telepathy, telekinesis, and disappearing objects. For example, Quanta repeatedly typed on my iPhone without touching it. Or my iPhone has repeatedly tuned into a downloaded podcast about telepathy or healing music. Objects often disappeared, moved and reappeared. These mysterious events happened whether we were together or miles apart.

Since we live hundreds of kilometers apart, Quanta and I are rarely physically together anymore. We meet mainly through the ethers, which requires greater faith in our relationship. In these moments of shared inspiration, our souls glide together and sometimes invite others, chosen and willing, to stick to our common field to advance our journey. I listen and write. I hope my non-local listening through the ether will strengthen our journey. My experience with Quanta and other soulmates shows that when we merge our souls and mirror each other’s souls, we are home!

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