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50 Years of Marriage – Wedding Anniversary Gifts and Ideas by the Year!

“The True Meaning of Marriage”

The true meaning of marriage is love. By love I mean not only what we feel, but also what we do. Love, like a feeling, is very weak, up and down a roller coaster – Love is an action! For love to become the supreme force and to rediscover the true meaning of marriage, love must be unconditional. You are not looking for acceptance or validation. You don’t give yourself to others for their sake, but for your values

The true meaning of marriage is expressing unconditional love to another. She is an unstoppable force that can withstand anything. How do you find it? You need to draw strength from yourself without having to look for validation or acceptance, just look for an opportunity to show love.

Marriage should be celebrated every day and even more so when you reach certain milestones. The names of some anniversaries provide guidelines for appropriate ways of celebration or traditional gifts for married couples to give each other; if it’s a party, they can be brought by the guests or also influence the theme or decoration.

These gifts may vary from country to country, but some years have well-established associations that are now common to most nations: 1. Paper, 5. Wood, 10. Tin, 15. Crystal, 20. Chinese, 25. Silver, 30. pearl, 40. ruby, 50. gold, 60. Diamond.

The tradition may have originated in medieval Germany, where if a married couple made it to their 25th wedding anniversary, their friends and neighbors presented a silver wreath to congratulate them on their life-long happiness. couple for so many years. At the celebration of the 50th anniversary, the wife received a golden wreath. Over time, the number of symbols expanded and the German tradition began to award gifts that were directly related to each stage of married life. These symbols have also changed over time – in the UK, for example, the diamond used to be a well-known symbol for the 75th anniversary, but this changed to the now more common 60th anniversary after Queen Victoria’s 60 years on the throne were generally referred to as her Diamond Jubilee.

Traditional symbols and gifts over the years…

For the first anniversary, paper should be given as a gift, symbolizing the power that comes from the intertwined connection of individual threads of paper. It is also a tradition to eat the top layer of the wedding cake on this day.

Your gift doesn’t have to be expensive; you can get your husband/wife a journal or scrapbook to record memories of your anniversary or stick photos from the past year’s events. Or you could write a love letter and stick it in your lunch box or work bag or for a bit of fun make a paper trail around your house, each clue can lead to the next and then finally some printed tickets to a show or cinema. Why not decorate your romantic dinner table with some homemade paper flowers and use table coasters, be careful lighting candles with all that paper!

Some other great ideas could be postcards, a calendar, a magazine subscription, a puzzle, a special book, or a map (perhaps somewhere you’ve been before or would like to plan a trip together)!

To celebrate this milestone, a fifth wedding anniversary wood gift should be given, wood is strong and long-lasting and should be a symbol of the strength of your marriage.

You can plant a tree together in your garden or perhaps in a park or church that is special to both of you. Choose a plant or tree that means something to you, perhaps an evergreen or a fiery red maple—something that specifically represents your love for each other. You could have a romantic dinner and eat from wooden baskets and drink from wooden goblets. The wood can be easily and elegantly engraved or carved into romantic shapes and numbers – perhaps a personalized plaque with your names and date or a house name or a sign to welcome the family.

The first major milestone – the tenth year of marriage should be celebrated with a gift made of tin or aluminum; this gift will reflect the strength and beauty of the connection between a couple who will learn to work together after 10 years – a relationship that is flexible but durable, can be bent without breaking.

Consider a keepsake made from a material such as a picture frame or garden ornament – ​​the style you choose will of course depend on the couple’s hobbies or personalities.

Perhaps some artistic jewelry that combines a traditional material with a diamond for your wife – or a blue sapphire is an alternate modern gemstone for a 10th anniversary. You might even find a tin box to give away; you can include a CD of songs from the year you were married or a special photo.

Fifteenth anniversaries should be marked with a crystal or crystal-themed gift; this represents a clear and sparkling love between two people.

A modern watch gift idea symbolizes the time spent together with the ‘watch crystal’ which refers to its clear glass side. A beautiful crystal vase with some flowers, a wine glass or a champagne flute will make the perfect gift to cherish. You can add a touch of humor and get a crystal ball that will help you see into the future.

You could have a romantic dinner for two, choose a simple tablecloth and some crystal candlesticks, remember the colors you had at your wedding for some ‘brownie points’ and even a similar flower arrangement for that special touch.

Reaching 20 years of marriage is a huge achievement and should be celebrated by reflecting on the commitment made. The symbol for this milestone is to give porcelain as a gift, as it signifies how elegant and tender love can be.

Plan a cute picnic in the park with china plates and mugs picked up at a thrift store, or invite friends and family over and have a party, after 20 years you definitely have the right to celebrate.

Use Chinese lanterns as part of your decor, or head to a Chinatown for a Chinese meal and dinner, and chances are you’ll be served rice or noodles in an authentic china bowl.

Some nice gift ideas would be a porcelain Wedgewood vase or cake plate, or you could buy any small gift or ticket to an event and present it in a porcelain cup or bowl.

Thirtieth wedding anniversaries, also known as pearl anniversaries, should be cherished by friends and family members as it is a wonderful achievement. A symbol of a hard exterior and a soft interior, pearls are the perfect gift for a marriage that lasts as long as 30 years.

A gift for a lady would be a set of beautiful pearl earrings, a necklace or a bracelet. There are several types of pearls to consider in classic white, black Tahitian or soft pink – after 30 years a man should know which will be the most suitable. Perhaps a pearl dish or vase, or simply choose another gift and incorporate the pearl image into the design and decoration.

If you’re planning something really special, you can arrange a trip to an exotic location that has had gems in its history, such as Broome, WA. If your wedding date falls between April/May and September/October then this is the right time as it will be in the dry season – warm days, blue skies and lots of clean beaches. It is a multicultural city with a pearl industry that attracts settlers from all over the world.

A fortieth or ruby ​​wedding anniversary is very special. Rubies are said to carry an eternal inner flame, the perfect symbol to reflect that a 40-year marriage is still alive and strong!

If you’re planning a party, make sure you include ruby ​​colored decorations and party favors, if you’re having speeches and toasts, ask for it to be done with a ruby ​​red wine that goes with traditional champagne.

For a more casual party, perhaps a picnic in the park, choose ruby ​​red plastic glasses and plates for decoration, and choose red grape juice alongside red wine. Regardless of the location or style of celebration you choose, you can be sure that ruby ​​red will be reflected in all your decorations, invitations, gifts and parties.

The golden anniversary of 50 years is one of the most deservedly celebrated, this semi-centenary milestone is a fantastic statement!

Gold all the way for this event, decorate your party venue with gold glitter, gold flowers and centerpieces, balloons, candles, etc.

If you’re in the US and know a couple who are celebrating 50 or more years of marriage or have just been married, you can send them an anniversary or wedding card from the White House.

In Australia you could plan a trip to the Gold Coast or a gold mine – Sovereign Hill in Ballarat, VIC would be perfect! Head to the museum and experience a golden adventure.

A great anniversary gift would be a large album filled with photos and memories of 50 years of marriage, starting with the wedding and including important events and family gatherings – you could even organize a guest book for people to sign and write congratulatory messages. .

Whether you are celebrating your first or fiftieth wedding anniversary, I hope this article will help you with gift ideas and planning your event. congratulations!

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