Collisions Occur Because Of Disruptions In The Flow Of Traffic. In The Time Of Cain, The Origins Of Kingship

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In The Time Of Cain, The Origins Of Kingship

The Bible Myths Part VI

It is the goal of all beings, whether we are aware of it or not, to evolve into those capable of living eternally in a place of happiness and peace. If such a place exists, we all want to live there someday. We all want to be divine; divinity is the eternal badge of success. The words spirit, God, and paradise, have no meaning if we can’t put them in some context that is understandable. Without understanding, these words are symbols of magic and power that has no known source or technological foundation. If we can’t figure out what these and other words like them mean, then we are just primitive beings who walk in the direction of least resistance, slaves to our feeling, beliefs and wrong thinking.

Before we can understand the singularities that occurred from which our bible and beliefs were born, we must understand the technology that made it possible but most importantly, the differences between the players. Who was Adam, the woman, Cain, the serpent and Noah etc. and who was that invisible voice that is always telling the primitive characters in the bible what to do? Before we can understand who these characters were, we need to understand who divine beings are as well as who are advanced beings and how do all of us who live on the earth fit into this drama we call life?

We humans on the earth live and we die and when we die, we go to a place where we continue to learn by becoming a guide for another here on earth if we are so inclined and accept the responsibility to do so. This opportunity is afforded us when we leave the planet but it is a choice whether we take it or not. Those of us, who are compliant, do what we should do but there are many of us that are not compliant and we do not take our responsibilities seriously either here on the earth or out there, “Solamenta”, a word used “out there” that describes the place where we go when we die and leave the earth. This is why the world we live in here on the earth continues to be a cesspool of lawlessness and corruption. God needs us to evolve both here on the earth and Solamenta. When we leave the planet, after we die, there is little that changes. Both good and bad coexist out there, Solamenta, the same as it exists on the earth. There is no magic that will cure this ill; only work which leads to internal change, that of changing ones heart to one of righteousness vs. self-righteousness, thus evolving into the type of person that can live in an eternal community.

When we leave the planet, nothing much changes about us. We are aware that we did not die and our eyes are opened to this new world but we are for the most part, the same people with the same problems and issues that we did not overcome in our most recent life on earth. We need to be astute, willing to work hard and subject ourselves to authority of those who know the way. Those who know the way are divine beings and have gone down the same path and those who have gone through the same process. They, who by their own effort have obtained mastery of themselves, thus becoming divine beings and teachers for others so that in time, their students become divine beings themselves to teach others and so on until we are all divine beings!

The road to divinity is a very hard road! Divine beings are those who have said to God, “Do to me what you will, let not my will, but your will be done” and they have become hardened as steal in their suffering and their sacrifice but they have also become filled with the passion and love of God, their creator who loves us all. Divine beings, like all of us, have lived life after life and have learned the lessons of life. They have been astute and have done the work that is necessary. It is through their effort and success that they are granted divinity which means for them… the cycle of life and death ends!

As you can imagine, divine beings that no longer live and die, those whose lives are consistent and unabated by death, have the opportunity to develop great technology. This technology is developed Solamenta (out there)! God needs us to walk the same path that she walked, as this is the process that brings us closer to God. She needs us to do our own work to discover through our own effort the same things that she had to discover. God developed divine technology billions and billions of years before divine beings had it but in order for divine beings to develop it, they had to learn how to listen to God tell them what to do.

Divine beings are completely human, in all respects. There is no difference between a divine being and one of us on the earth but one…they do not die and no longer have to endure the cycle of life and death! Furthermore, they are completely aware of their eternal mission…to teach other beings how to become divine, to walk their path, and in so doing, end the cycle of life and death in this, our solar sector. This is the first segment of their mission. This mission is done with divine technology which includes them talking to us, inside via other dimensional communication and also by affecting the direction of our lives with some orchestration of our lives externally.

Advanced beings, are much different from divine beings but there are also many similarities. Advanced beings, developed their technology while they were on the earth as living breathing earthlings. Advanced beings came from an ancient time in our past, another modern age turned advanced. They lived at a time when this new “other dimensional” technology was developed on the earth. It is during this time on earth and the millennia that followed, where we seek the singularity that defines the characters and the God of the bible…

When a modern society evolves into an advanced society, there are some serious environmental problems associated with the development of “other dimensional science”! Those who develop these technologies, become aware of how dire these problems are after they are being widely used.

When science can move an object such as a craft from one dimension to another the flow of electrons within both dimensional spectrums become disrupted. Because these electrons are moving at relative speeds in space, these repercussions don’t show up for several years but when they do, they cause frequency disruptions or unnatural electron disruption within us and within the planet that require immediate attention. The remedy for this environmental catastrophe is gold! They need gold and they need lots of it and when this occurs, they need it quickly. They don’t have time to develop advanced machines that mine gold for them; they already have advanced machines that dig tunnels hundreds of miles below the earth’s surface. This is where they live where their bases are, no, they need human labor, someone to operate bulldozers and equipment that already exists or can be developed quickly. And so it was, this was the time of Cain!

Cain was a person that was given great power by these advanced beings to accomplish a very specific purpose, to round up as many humans as he could and drive them like cattle to the mines to mine gold! This was a punishment assignment; this was dangerous and onerous and Cain was being punished. What was his crime?…Murder!

Cain slew his bother Able. Able tended to the flock, Cain tilled the soil. Cain was a surface dweller and Able was one of them, an advanced being! This distinction between Cain and Able is made very clear in Genesis. One of the most telling issues in this story regarding Cain is this…

“Cain said to the lord, “My punishment is too great to bear. Since you have now banished me from the soil (made me one of you) and I must avoid your presence and become a restless wanderer on earth (work for you but not have your protection), anyone may kill me at sight”(Genesis 4/13). “Not so!” the Lord said to him. If anyone kills Cain, Cain shall be avenged sevenfold.” So the Lord put a mark on Cain, lest anyone should kill him at sight. Cain then left the Lord’s presence and settled in the land east of Eden (Genesis 4/13-16).

Was Cain was being rewarded with power because he killed his brother Able. No, Cain was given power, something the surface dwellers could see and recognize. Cain wore a device that allowed him to hear his advanced overlord’s give him commands telepathically, a device which allowed him to communicate with the computer Eveas Triangulatus. This device would later be referred to by the primitive translator of these ancient texts as a crown. A Scepter was a device capable of killing or wounding those who would not comply! This was the beginning of kingship and these were the symbols of ancient royalty descended from our advanced brothers and sisters, many of whom are still with us today!

Gold is a substance with a high degree of resistivity. In other words to contemporary science, it doesn’t corrode quickly. However, to advanced scientists, it means that the electrons that flow within it move within conduits that are extremely small, however, these electrons move relatively fast. This is why Gold is so resistive. Gold is pulverized and placed into orbit around the planet in order to regulate the flow of electrons from the sun to the earth. This process is done by the advanced beings that dwell within the earth even today. Gold is currently being mined by these advanced beings, on all of the planets in our solar sector.

People on the earth would be amazed if they knew how many advanced craft (UFO), are moving back and forth, there are literally thousands of them moving from bases under the earth, to destinations both within and outside of the earth’s atmosphere…We don’t see these craft because they are either “in other dimensional mode”, meaning they have expanded from the inside out into another pressure spectrum or spectrum of perception (other dimension); or they are shielded. When an advanced craft is shielded, it is not in other dimensional mode, it is still in the solar dimension or the dimension that you and I perceive; however, it cannot easily be seen as it is covered by a screen that projects its surrounding environment. These shielded craft are responsible for many air collisions which remain to this day unsolved. These collisions occur particularly in the mountains or other rugged areas where a great deal of commercial or private air traffic would exist.

When a craft is other dimensional, it is capable of flying at great speeds as it is unimpeded by friction and thus little heat is generated. The thrusters of these craft are huge! When an advanced craft is seen it looks like a small saucer shaped craft but we are only seeing the part of the craft that is in this dimension, the heat generating parts of the craft are other dimensional.

A human being cannot fly in a craft that is in other dimensional mode unless they themselves too are other dimensional. This poses a problem for advanced beings that wish to hold on to any aspect of their humanity. Flying at these incredible speeds when a craft is other dimensional is extremely uncomfortable for a being that is not specifically physically adapted for this type of work and so it was necessary for these beings to create a being capable of doing this work. These surrogate beings were made to endure other dimensional speeds and do other tasks which require them to be other dimensional. These are the beings that take the risks; and that are seen from time to time by humans on the earth that we refer to as aliens. The bodies of the beings that have been found in crashed craft were surrogates. The creators of these surrogates are humanoid!

Advanced technology understands what consciousness is. Consciousness is a series of computer signals designed to accomplish a specific evolutionary mission. Surrogates have consciousness, they are evolving beings. They have personalities and senses of humor and there are good ones and bad ones. Surrogates have been around for a long time but not nearly as long as you and I have been around and they have never had an incarnation except for the one they are in now. When they die, they go to the same place you and I go, Solamenta and they, at that time, enter the cycle of life and death, thus in time gaining the experiences you and I have been afforded!

It’s important for us to understand who surrogates are because surrogates have played a big role in or ancient past as they do in our present. It is not outside of the realm of possibility and even probably that the serpent which confronted Adam was a surrogate. The question becomes, why was the serpent violating the will of that invisible voice that the bible has given the title of God?

Surrogates are beings just like you and me for all practical intents and purposes. They were beings who were designed, engineered and built to do a specific job that others did not care to do. In short, they were second class citizens. Any being that finds themselves in the position of being a second class citizen will always eventually strive to be a first class citizen. This is the part of the equation that advanced beings have failed to answer; how do we evolve into divine beings, how do we maintain both humanity and immortality at the same time? This is the only way that a society can become a society of first class citizens…Paradisa Cristas Eart!

Cain was given power by an advanced race of beings to accomplish a very specific mission, to round up as many beings as it was necessary to mine as much gold as it took to protect life on the earth from the folly of poorly conceived advanced technology. Cain was given advanced technology to do this…a crown and a scepter. As the ancient translators and the societies that followed this time of Gods and miracles, they would interpret these symbols of power into kingship and royal blood; the myths of Gods and miracles without explanation would begin. And so it was that Cain and others like Cain became a father to kings and another 12, 000 year cycle came to an end. The beginning of the next cycle as it is with all cycle shifts would bring tumultuous times and natural tragedy!

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