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Elegant Weddings For Less

Whether you’re paying for the wedding, you and your groom are paying or if some parent is kicking in some money, these wedding tips should help you have a beautiful wedding for less and you’ll just know where the corners are cut. .

The budget

The first step to saving money for your wedding is to look at your bank account and decide how much you will contribute to the wedding. Determine your wedding dollar amount by looking at what you can afford. It doesn’t matter if that’s $1,000 or $20,000. Don’t let the wedding decide how much you will pay. Pick a number and make a commitment Don’t start your married life with debt, and don’t let your parents go into debt to pay for the wedding.

Close to save

If you have visions of a church wedding followed by a reception at a four-star hotel, your bank account will need to be as big as the church. However, if you want to be flexible, you can have an elegant and spiritual wedding without breaking the bank.

When my daughter got married, we were lucky enough to live near wine country. Scouting for a venue for her wedding, we visited every winery in the area and managed to find a beautiful winery with an on-site restaurant that was able to provide a reception dinner. The wedding ceremony itself was held in the barrel room, which the brewery decorated (included in the package price) with small bright lights and small white candles. They also provided (free of charge), a large aisle for the party and tall candelabras at the end of the line. It was beautiful and intimate.

Wineries, farms, private homes, many are in the wedding business. Get creative and make some phone calls. One caveat: make sure they’ve done this before. You don’t want to be the experiment.

Weddings at these venues are priced as a package, so you can see how much everything costs from the ceremony to the reception. They will have vendors to recommend for photography, music, flowers, performers. Take their names, but shop around.

Wine distributors are in the business of selling wine. Therefore, they expect you to drink wine at your wedding. Unless you are a wine expert, go with the most expensive wine on their list. You can always taste before the wedding and choose something else, if you are really worried about the quality.

It would seem that a home wedding would be the most expensive, right? Maybe. However, unless your guest list is very small, you will still need to hire chairs, tables, china, linens, bars, and wait staff. You will still get the same cost for the flowers, the music, the officiant. You will also need a wedding coordinator. You won’t want to do this.


In many states, you may actually be allowed in the state to perform a one-day wedding ceremony. Check where you live, if you have a relative or close friend who is really honored in that position and well spoken of.


The most expensive part of the whole wedding will be the reception food. What are some money-saving options for feeding your guests? The most expensive option will be non-dinner. Think an outdoor party in the morning sun and then you and your guests slip inside for a lovely champagne breakfast. Not an early riser? If you have your heart set on dinner, then catering will be the most expensive option for a sit-down dinner.

Stick to beer, wine, and soft drinks. If you can’t afford beer and wine, serve champagne punch or non-alcoholic punch. No one will miss beer, wine, or cocktails.

The clothes

Of course, there are obvious ways to save money on your wedding dress, like wearing your mother’s dress (usually, yuck) or borrowing a dress (so yucky). Most of the time, you will go to a wedding dress shop to buy your dress, so let’s talk about saving money there.

First, look at the sales rack, if they have one and buy from that rack. I have two reasons for this. First, if it’s for sale, you’ve saved some money, usually a lot of money. The second reason is related to the economy. If the bridal shop goes out of business between the time you order (and pay for) your dress, you’re out of luck.

Second, don’t buy any of your accessories from a bridal store. By this I mean shoes, tiaras, hijabs, bags. It is highly valued. Just find the dress and shop online to get the hijab. Or, leave the hijab alone.

Third, pick up the dress and have someone else do the alterations. Many times, alterations done at the bridal shop will cost as much as the dress. Find someone with experience in altering wedding dresses.

A flower

Wedding flowers can easily break your budget. You can also follow these simple tips to save money on your flowers and still have a beautiful wedding.


Do you really need four bridesmaids and a groomsman, a flower girl, and four ushers? How about just a maid of honor and a good man? There is something so precious that only the two people who really mean something to you witness your wedding.

Large flower arrangements for the ceremony can be added. How about one great setup? (Don’t forget to name someone who will be responsible for making the arrangements for the reception.)

Simplify your wedding bouquet. Go for ready-made flowers. Ask the florist. Carnations are often the most expensive flowers. However, by reducing the size of your bouquet and using one or two of the more expensive flowers, you can still have the bouquet of your dreams on a budget. Have the bridesmaids and maid of honor carry a trio of flowers wrapped in a beautiful ribbon and hand tied, much more beautiful and less expensive than individual bouquets.

Welcome flowers

Table centerpieces are an area where you can save some big bucks. Ask your reception venue coordinator what other types of flower centerpieces they have on hand. Sometimes they will have candles that can be used in lieu of flowers and they should let you use those for free. If you bought a large arrangement for the party, bring that to the buffet table or cake.

Paying for flowers

A word of warning — florists have been hit hard by competition from online florists and the economy. Choose your florist carefully. Make sure you pay the minimum deposit, in case they go out of business between the time you order and your wedding. Don’t make the final payment until as close to the wedding date as possible.

Wedding Cake

Along with the first dance, your wedding cake is sure to be the highlight of the reception. Here are a few Cheap Chick tricks to save you some money on your wedding cake, without forgoing the dessert of your dreams.

In addition to its size, or the number of pieces, the price of a wedding cake is often determined by the complexity of the design. Wedding cakes are usually covered with frosting or buttercream. With love, it is possible to have a pure white cake decoration that is preferred by many weddings and a completely flat surface to place the flowers and gum. Buttercream, according to its definition, has a clear appearance. However, fondant is more difficult to work with and therefore more expensive. Also, some people don’t like the taste of fondant. Save money on your cake by choosing buttercream frosting. Compare the cost of the design of the cake decoration and consider if it will be more expensive to have a simple cake decorated with fresh flowers. You can buy the flowers yourself and bring your own bread to keep costs down.

Avoid buying your cake from the bakery where you ordered the cake. Buy one online from your local big discount retailer and take it to your cake decorator.

Before you decide on a unique bread design, taste it. The bakery will offer a free tasting for you and your groom to choose your preferred flavor. This will include up to four basic cake flavors and different fillings. If the cake is dry and the filling lacks flavor or is too sweet, look for another bread. When you start adding the basics, like fresh fruit, to the wine filling, the price goes up. Consider whether you really want to pay for these extras.

One side note: Save money at your reception by going ahead with an extra dessert on the wedding cake. No one will miss it. Make sure the price of your reception package includes cake cutting and serving. This is often a separate fee that can really add up. Negotiate to be included. They will put the cake on top of the box for you to take. However, there are usually other leftovers from the cake. Make sure you include in your contract that these are also paid and then give them to your mother or another family member to share.

A photographer

Wedding photographers vary from multi-thousand dollar artists to those who have other jobs and only do weekend wedding photography. How can you get the most money for your photography?

You want quality and reliability from your photographer. The best way to find someone with that quality is to find another bride who has used that photographer. Check in with friends and family of the newlyweds. Ask any photographer you are considering for a reference and then call the references.

Because wedding photography is digital today, there are no film and development costs. You’d think prices would drop, right? It doesn’t have. What you are paying for is the photographer’s time and the “package” (a fixed number and size of print that is usually presented in an album.) The photographer makes his “grass” money on the enlargement. Save money by buying the most expensive package and let your relatives buy their extensions directly from the camera. Go for quality, not quantity.

Make sure everything is in your agreement. Again, only pay the minimum deposit required and don’t book too far in advance. Make sure you have a relative or close friend with a camera, if your photographer doesn’t show up on the wedding day.

Visual word. Do you need to pay extra for your wedding video? If money is an issue, skip the video. I guarantee, at least three people at your wedding will take a video. You can download their videos to your computer and put together your own movie with music. Whether you paid $3,000 for a look or did it yourself, you’ll look at it once with your friends after the wedding, and then maybe on your first anniversary. You decide if it’s worth the money.

Follow these beautiful wedding tips that will leave you feeling amazing, without wondering how you will spend your special day.

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